Conservation is a part of Running W’s plan. We all should be conscious of our environment and play a part in its protection. At Running W, we have wildlife corridors and have left 10% of our property as a reserve and as a result, we have been able to attract some tourism through our bird watching trails.

Also properly managed pastures are a very high producer of oxygen. Pastures are its own eco system – it attracts seed eaters (for example rats and small birds) who attract snakes and raptors which creates its own natural habitat.

Crested Caracara Private Reserve

The Crested Caracara Private Reserve is a protected area within Running W’s Farm. The Reserve is a total of 200 acres of over 11 miles of birding trails which has been set aside by the owners of the farm to aid in the protection of the Biological Diversity of the Maya Mountain Western Foothills. Its aim is to promote conservation and sustainable use of land. The tours combine the excitement of birding with the leisure of hiking/biking the Mountain trails. This project is committed to education into conservation, research and sustainable tourism.

The Crested Caracara Private Reserve encompasses low impact research, protection, and conservation. Due to its diverse ecosystems the land plays a critical role in sustaining a healthy wildlife and bird population and maintains a balance between people and the environment. Its unique broad leaf lowland forest and its open grasslands create the perfect habitat for many species of birds, raptors and the elusive Crested Caracara. This is the only known nesting ground for the Crested Caracara in the west of Belize (the only place nesting and siting have occurred).